Arielle de Pinto creates Jewelry, certainly not ordinary ones! She is creative like no one else and mixes materials like crazy. Some are crocheted and some are made of metallic materials or pearls. One never knows what to expect! Arielle combines vintage elements and modern aspects to create a fanciful world which is waiting to be explored!

Colors like gold, silver, violet and yellow are combined, but always as an well arranged combination. Shapes and colors harmonize with each other and integrate into your outfit. While the necklaces appear rather discreet, the rings are an absolute eye catcher with their extraordinary design. These are definitely a must-have for me! At one, two or three-finger-rings, Arielle mixes different shapes and colors together. Squares, pearls, stones – all these are combined to a striking object, which is going to decorate your fingers. Each and every piece has its own exciting look.

Matching the crocheted jewelry, there is another very special highlight: Shoes! Sandals with high plateau heels and crocheted straps can be found here. One can see the hand-made love in each and every piece, especially in these shoes – the ideal companion for summer. You’ll become the fashion queen with these.
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