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Matthew Stone isn’t just any British photographer or artist. He also is a Shaman. This bizarre combination causes the artist to look at the world in a completely unique way, this perspective can just be defined by one word: “optimistic”. He himself states that optimism is one of the most efficient weapons in modern times. With this attitude, he approaches his work including his own, artistic and personal activities, but also his work within the entire British art scene, the !WOWWOW!- movement.

Apart from photography, Matthew Stones is also known for his work as a DJ and musician. Amongst many other musical activities, he composes music for runway shows now and then or the music for the fashion videos of the British designer Gareth Pugh which sounds extremely industrial and overwhelmingly and thrillingly threatening. Of course Matthew Stone’s musical contribution for Pugh’s Runway show for the fall and winter 2013 is no exception.

His actual talent and artistic core of his work however is photography. Matthew Stone’s work with naked bodies in particular convinces me. He lets them merge to one unity, desperately entangle each other to create photos which extremely remind me of the paintings by Carravagio thanks to the dramatic interplay between light and shadow.

It also happens that he depicts his subjects in collages or even integrates them into cubic installations to bestow a three-dimensional character upon them. Matthew Stone is a photographer with an extremely distinct sense for depths and emotions, which is reflected in his works. Nonetheless, he doesn’t limit his creative work to photography, but also lets you feel his own emotions via his music.

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