After having launched his menswear and womenswear label in 2010, his designs have become extremely popular. His fashion is characterized by clear lines and high-quality materials. The recent spring and summer collection 2014 is defined by the minimalist cuts and futurist elements. A perfect example could be the long-sleeved jumpsuit, which reminds me of the motifs of H.R.Giga (from the movie “Alien”).

Because of their candy colors and their combination with the UFO-like motifs, the designs look very light, spherical and give a breeze of the springtime. The cuts of the women’s dresses, jumpsuits and bodies dominate in a sporty, elegant style. On the contrary, the men’s designs are more innovative. Especially the striped men’s jacket with its turn-ups and the casual sports jacket stand out a lot.

Sasha Kanevski’s designs impress with their cuts, innovation and their courage to fashionable innovations.

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