After the impressing, elegant and classy pre-collection für spring and summer 2014, we’re now looking at the actual spring and summer collection which is also quite elegant, but which has more stylish elements. Again, long and flowing dresses dominate the collection, but this time in the colors red, white, blue and black. This collection is younger and risky regarding the cuts, forms and patterns.

The choice of patterns concentrates on a specific print. Here it is the chain pattern, which is widely used. The most impressing example for this design could be the black, floor-length dress with the casual cut. The dress gets its sophisticated and sporty character from its combination of the minimalistic basis and the chain pattern.

But also the plain-colored dresses are very impressing. The outstanding piece here is the floor-length dress with a full-length button boarder which gives a sporty touch, and which is completed with an elegant cut and the classy red color. All in all, this collection looks much younger and convinces with a harmonious mix between elegance and sportiness.

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