The handmade glasses of AM Eyewear exume a fashionable character. The glasses become a must-have accessory which completes the look. Every pair of glasses is based on hours of hard work and passion. The model undergoes many steps in the process of production, which is also checked several times. This guarantees you a perfect design. You are the ones who make them alive.

The design of the glasses reminds of the vintage style, but at the same time, it is very modern. The frames are decorated in a very bold way. Their black color and the wide sides instantly pop into the eyes. The selection is giant, ranging from the nerdy glasses with an edged frame to the rounded glasses. With the oversized glasses in the 80ies style the label has the finger on the pulse.

The sunglasses are mostly held in brown shades, which perfectly harmonize with the orange and brown glasses. The look of the edged glasses is perfect for the summer – very stylish and exciting. The focus is also set on the functionality. The high quality glasses, which are made in Italy, will surely protect your eyes from the sunrays and let you look amazing.

AM Eyewear offers the perfect accessory for men & women. The creations and the wearer become one and this makes your look complete.

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