Mercedes-Benz is still going strong in terms of efficiency: They recently added 7 new versions of the A-, B- und CLA series, which offer up to 7% lower fuel consumption in comparison to their predecessors. With the introduction of the A 200 CDI 4MATIC and A 220 CDI 4MATIC the first Diesel all-wheel-drive vehicles from the compact segment hit the roads. Each mentioned model can now be pre-ordered and will be handed out in March 2014.

With a combined fuel consumption of 5,4 litre per 100km and CO emission of 125g the CLA 250 is handled as the new star in its category. In comparison to its predecessor the fuel consumption of the 155kW strong Coupé diminished by 7% or 9g CO per km. That came into being due to the consumption through a process called efficient lean-burn combustion with a stratified charge mode.

The A 200 CDI will offer 2,2 l cylinder capacity instead of only 1,8 l. It will proceed to provide 100 kW (136PS) and a maximum torque-speed of 300Nm. The CO emission will be reduced from 109g to 102g with a double clutch transmission, which translated to 3,9l per 100 km. They even meet the Euro-6 standard. Top Diesel vehicles ranging from A 220 CDI, B220 CDI and CLA 220 CDI were completely revised. Engine modifications allowed Mercedes to diminish the fuel consumption without having to reduce the performance of the car.

The new versions A200 CDI 4MATIC and A 220 CDI 4 MATIC offer efficiency paired with traction. The most exciting innovation inside the 4MATIC has to be the integrated auxiliary drive towards the rear and differentials with an integrated multiple disc clutch that is actuated hydraulically. In that way the driver torque can be distributed between front and rear axle. Benefits like a reduced system weight, a high efficiency factor contribute to the all over renovation.

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