Everybody, who is somebody gathered in Düsseldorf last Monday to see the award show by German fashion and lifestyle magazine “freundin”. The most stunning clothes and accessories were honoured by them and their jury consisting of editor in chief Nikolaus Albrecht, Coco Pelger, fashion manager Jana Gutsche, Gudrun Allstädt from the textile department and hostess Nazan Eckes. Even Topmodel Sara Nuru was there as well as the editor in chief of freundin.de Kathrin Bierling. The special guest was a loyal reader of freundin. They all agreed on one piece that ended up getting the perfect piece award: the Lands’ End Trench coat.

Every winner got invited to attend a laid back get together in Düsseldorf. Catherine Archer, Merchant of Lands’ End, even came all the way from England to express her gratitude for the award. “We’re proud to receive the perfect piece award for our trench coat. This piece should be in everybody’s closet!”

The jury had a tough job that day. Over 5000 pieces to choose from and yet Lands’ End was the final winner. “You’re always good to go with a trench coat like that”, so Kathrin Bierling. The best part according to the chief in editor of freundin’s website? It’s not too expensive, which makes this clothing item a must-have!

The trench coat was invented in the 19th century and was originally used as an all-season accessory by the British military. Nowadays it is still this elegant clothing item. You can especially see this fact in Land’s End’s model. It has beautifully thick lining that can be taken out. You can use it to protect yourself from the rain and still cool air in spring. You can event knot the accompanying belt and the slight slit not only looks hot but guarantees you the much needed freedom in your clothes.

Upper material 65%, Cotton 35%, Nylon, Lining: 100% Polyester













Copyright and Source: freundin.de and http://www.offenes-presseportal.de/mode_lifestyle/