Tailored in Germany and woven from the most precious materials in France, Switzerland and Italy – that’s Michael Gerwin’s fashion. It’s based in Munich and stands for exclusivity. Michael Gerwin uses materials such as cashmere and silk. He adds embroideries and prints, which embellish his elegant and feminine creations. His fashion draws attention to the wearer and emphasizes her natural beauty.

His winter collection is very chic, including traditional and feminine cuts which are combined with thrilling prints. In addition to this, he mixes bold colors such as blue or red with some black. His dresses, tops and skirts, which are made of silk, are completely covered by little chequers. You will also find some single-colored pieces which can also harmonize with the patterned pieces.

Some of the creations, including a skirt, shorts, a coat and a very casual jacket, are embellished by wine-red blossoms on a black background. They also appear on other creations. This collection makes us long for the summer! Michael Gerwin presents down-to-earth exclusivity and luxury.
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