Lauren Jones’ fashion is individual and feminine. She creates strong yet delicate designs. Therefore, she plays with different materials until she achieves the desired effect.

Each model consists of a basic piece, which then, receives its individual character with numerous pieces of fabrics which are layered above each other. The body-shaping dress or the tight skirt – nothing stays as it was. For the draperies she uses the same color so that the look stays uniform. She forms the fabrics into pleats and, after that, she fixes them on the garments.

The result is sometimes symmetric, sometimes asymmetric. The layered fabric of a high-waisted skirt reminds me of the blossoms of a rose, which looks really romantic. A dress is designed in a fan-like shape where the fabrics are applied symmetrically on both sides. Various shades of blue and peach colors create the young and fresh look.

I love the simplicity of the designs, which are so rich in details and intensive.


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