The septum piercing currently is the trend piercing in all youth subcultures.

It’s positioned in the eponymous thin skin right before the cartilage section in the nose.The biggest advantage of it is that you can easily hide it when you’re at work: if you wear a circular barbell you can just flip it up or you just put a little bar through your septum. That way it’s nearly invisible.

All trends these days everything is getting extreme and so is the septum piercing. People stretch it up. Especially men again are like: “ The bigger – the better!” But how to stretch a septum piercing?

I used to have my septum gauged up to 3mm. I simply cut off the fluffy ends of a q-tip and heated one of the ends of the piece of plastic in order to let it melt a bit. While it was still warm I formed it into a long spike shape. After it cooled down I could perfectly use it for stretching my septum.

Well I cannot recommend this method to you because it is quite painful and maybe you can’t even fit the plastic through your piercing hole at all. My septum piercing was done with a 1.6 mm needle. That is pretty unusual. Normally they use a 12mm needle.

So if you want to stretch your septum properly you should buy some gauging claws. Provided your septum was done with a 1.2 gauge needle your next step should be 1.6mm, then 1.8mm, then 2mm, then 2.3mm and so on. Also this has to be done following the same rules as stretching ears: Sanitize twice a day and take the claw out from time to time to clean it.

Good luck!

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