Last week I told you what to do if you ears should be damaged. This week we will focus on the process of stretching again. Most people stop gauging their ears at a size of 10 to 20 mm either because of their work or for esthetic reasons. But if that size still is too small for you, you will be realizing soon that jewelry for gauging is only available up to certain sizes. Rods usually are available in bigger sizes than swirls.

The maximum size of rods is 28mm. Well, that’s not too small but if you would like to go up to the size of 40mm, then you have to become creative. And to be honest, having such a giant gauging stake thing stuck in your ear looks pretty unpractical and also it’d be very uncomfortable while you try to sleep.

For example I started stretching with silicone tunnels at a size of 12mm. Therefore it’s very important to only go steps of 2mm further and of course consider the cure time of three weeks. And as always you have to keep the tunnels very clean. The best way is to sanitize it twice a day and after the ear’s tissue has relaxed a little just take the tunnel out from time to time and wash it with some soap.

At bigger sizes gauging with silicone tunnels isn’t the only possibility. You can also you make use of tape to stretch. You can get this kind of tape at any household supply store, also it has a very smooth surface and that’s why it’s easy to keep it sterile.  You simply wrap the tape around a stable plug. Three layers are as thick as a 2mm step of stretching. Well the practical thing about this is that you can use the same plug for multiple gauging sizes.

I really hope you enjoyed my little tutorial about stretching your ears and you now have a little impression about body modification. Who knows, maybe you even like the thought of stretched ears!

How to stretch your ears Part 3

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