Kids as well as grown-ups (including myself) love the innovative Beloved-Designs. Not only are the prints of the label funny, provocative, charming and absolutely lovely, this fashion is made to remind you that fashion is all about fun. The funny motifs repeat themselves on different models. As allover prints they embellish the designs. The jumpsuit which caught our attention is coated with one motif from head to toe just like the tops or the t-shirts of the collection. The socks are even more sophisticated, as both single socks have to be put together to display the entire print.

Images of animals definitely belong to the most popular prints: the cute cat or the dangerous shark with a gaping mouth for instance. Lions and tigers can be found here as well. My favorite animal is the unicorn in front of a galactic background. Nature motifs are part of the assortment and present themselves in the shape of landscapes, stars, clouds and palms. Oh, but the following print is really the highlight. Fast Food. Allover prints picturing pizza or hamburgers will definitely make you smile. How about a jumpsuit with strips of bacon printed on it or gummy bears?

The label definitely has a lot of surprises in store for you. Now head to the shop. The designs are available for kids, men, women and even for your home.

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