Ana Alcazar was founded by two sisters. The two designers work in Munich with a lot of success. There, they develop their newest collections while keeping the same aim. They don’t only want to set new trends, but they also want to revive old ones. The designers look into the future with one eye and with the other one they remember the past. Their designs seem to be so familiar and yet they are  new to our eyes. It’s like when you meet someone and you get the feeling that you’ve known each other for years.

The designs have really classic cuts and look very chic. They are often decorated with floral prints, colors and sometimes they are more joyful, sometimes they are more elegant. The dresses with the geometrical design stand out a lot. They are colorful and detailed. Ana Alcazar seems to be an old and also new friend thanks to the classic designs and the inviting patterns. The designers convince with the female strength and elegance and turn the streets into runways.

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