We have already presented Joes Jeans‘ fall/winter collection to you and we’ve seen that he’s a true allrounder, hence it’s no wonder we can find designs for women too. Even though some parallels are observable, these designs differ from each other notably.

A jeans jacket also appears in this collection, which actually looks identical to the men’s designs due to its intended oversized silhouette. This design has an undeniable, masculine touch and the whole collection is full of casual elements.

But a feminine part exists, too. To create a shirt, Joes Jeans used red-black squares, such as in the men’s collection and added puffed, feminine sleeves. The brand combines it with a rolled-up, bleached pair of  jeans, so it results in a very light, gentle look suitable for leisure.

Joes Jeans offers creations for special occasions and work too. An outfit is composed of a black jeans, a black top and a dark blazer, and seems to be even suitable for events like an art exhibition. The multifaceted fall/winter collection outfits you for several situations and enables you to realize your very individual style.

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Joes Jeans, for men – Fall/Winter Collection 2013/14

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