Twisted Talents says: „We don’t do fashion. We do style.“ This little statement’s pretty much hitting the nail on the spot. The label produces printed tees, hoodies and bags which just can’t go wrong. The production takes place in Berlin where they take their inspiration from, thus their label is also located there.

Twisted Talents composes along with their creations a world of fun. So you’ll see some absurd statements printed on the t-shirts as well. “Pay me with diamonds” would be one of the creative examples they have or maybe the small hand of Mickey Mouse which shows its middle finger to the whole world.

This particular middle finger can also be seen on backpacks; so the people around you will know what you think when you face them as well when you turn away from them. The t-shirts cost about 35€ and allow you to have a piece of Berlin with something like “Fuck Normality” hanging in your wardrobe.

Twisted Talents is always up for a joke. Geared with versatile prints on their t-shirts and bags, they will live up every simple look and the mood of the wearers as well. As a Berlin label, they’re also making appearances on diverse events, such as the last Designer Christmas Fair “Weihnachtsrodeo” or the “Berlin Graphic Days” in Kater Holzig this upcoming summer.

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