The Danish label Gustav was just founded in 2009. They still want to be something special and be able to satisfy the wearers’ every wish, be it in looks or comfort. This pretty simple and new collection for spring and summer 2014 can give you these properties.

These very designs are made for casual and everyday wear. Therefore the pieces have a sporty cut and won’t constrict the wearers during the day. The special attributes are put into the details or the prints. For instance, the protruding, fluffy fur on a pink vest would suffice as additional detail.

Apart from that, the rest is all about embroidered collars or fine lines along the sleeves which add something sporty to the look. Even the prints have a very elegant design. At one time, it shows an elegant flourish pattern, as if they were imprinted jewelries; another time, they display a forest and meadow print, paired with thick stripes. That’s such a contrast which follows the current fashion trend!! Gustav definitely knows how to combine elegance and nonchalance with ease into the new collection for this upcoming spring and summer. Those softly falling designs emit something serene and pleasing, as if one is swaying in a light trance of summer vacation.

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