Eddie Izzard, one of the best and popular English speaking comedian, Hollywood star and source of inspiration for numerous comedians worldwide presents his successful show “Force Majeure” since mid January live in Berlin in German.

Since the beginning of this year, the British comedian is living in Berlin to not just study the language, but also to translate his program. Since doing his first show, 2 weeks have passed. “To do Stand Up in German was much harder than doing 43 marathons” as Izzard says after finishing his German show. “I still have this show in my memory, but are not part of my abilities.” Nevertheless, he speeds up as soon as he reaches the stage and performs. He manages the language more and more as he is performing, which is not his native language.

“Eddie Izzard is a Hollywood star. To be able to experience him that close and that experimental in such a small group – that’s awesome.”, as Thomas Hermanns, a member of Quatsch Comedy Club says. The numbers of visitor for Eddie Izzard is too big. Everyone wants to see him upclose and experience him live. Thus, Quatsch Comedy Club proudly announces, that Eddie izzard is going to extend his show until February 28.

Until February 28 2014, Tuesday to Sunday at 8:00pm, entrance 7pm.