Fendi is a well-known label which is marked by a successful history. It started as a small business for leather and fur in Florence and now, numerous shops can be found in the whole world. Today, Fendi isn’t only about fur and leather anymore.

Initially, the label focused on the production of bags. Fendi transformed the doctor’s hand bag into an everyday wearable, big and handy model for every woman. A clothing collection was added to the whole offer.

The new spring/summer collection 2014 tries to unify new elements with traditional details. The garments are very modern and also play with the well-known Fendi logos and prints. The typical stripes embellish the coats, jackets, pants and also dresses. This is how a sporty touch is achieved. The cut is quite straight and casual.

Thanks to the clear cuts and the small details, the garments don’t appear too overwhelming and can be worn at any occasion at any age. The fresh feature about this collection is the color yellow which appears quite often on the creations, for example on a braided pattern.

Fendi has always been on the right path to the top and has become a very important and influencing element in many fashion business domains. The label tries to create the future with a lot of passion, but of course without leaving out the past. A modern collection is the result of Fendi’s work.

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