Chromoletters are a unique advertising possibility on vehicles and they define the rear line as an advertising surface in a completely new way. Day after day. Year after year.

Pragmatists will be amazed by the improved quality of the details, as well as the crafty precision in the new adhesive and waterproof 3D letters, the CHROMOLETTERS. They’re just made for the outdoors. The combination of 3D, chrome and elegance will elicit the “I-Want-That-Effect” in you.

CHROMOLETTERS are made with even finer single-frame edges. The competitors better prepare themselves now. Strong, well trained shoulders and soft edges make up the look of the 3D letters which create a font that is only available at CHROMOLETTERS. This will give every vehicle a dynamic elegance. By choice you can even increase the sporty potential by ordering single letters in color. The producer is even in the lead among the business class of chrome letters regarding flexibility by offering a huge assortment of chrome symbols and motor vehicle frameworks. That gives you the opportunity to change your vehicle in every way you wish with different sets. So much for innovation, aesthetic and advertisement at an irresistible price: It’s all in all a great offer.















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