Rebecca Taylor tries out the sportiness in her summer collection 2014. She might think of all the women who want to achieve the perfect summer body with the help of workouts, or just the women who would like to look like this. People say that one looks like how one feels. So, actually, you have to feel how you look, right? So, if you dress yourself in a sporty look, you feel you are sporty, okay? 😉

Rebecca Taylor uses “sporty” materials, meaning those who really have this effect. An example could be the waterproof fabric which is used on a vest. Vests are often worn to sporty occasions and the color red lets the outfit pop. This is then combined with short pants which are adorned with rose-colored stripes. The stripes spread out an active touch. The transparent pieces look really attracting.

The long pants remind us of the comfortable jogging pants and show a stylish way to dress up. These pants are worn with a plain, white t-shirt and a black and white biker jacket which breathes in a touch of femininity with its lace elements.

Rebecca Taylor presents a way to be sporty without actually having to workout. The designs are perfect for summer; they are active, inviting and light.

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