You’ll need

party nails 1

1x gold and glitter nailpolish

1x white polish

1x matte polish

1x black polish

a dotting tool or the end of a brush

1x fine liner or a bobby pin


party nails 2

Step 1

Paint all of your nails white except  for the ring finger, this one’s going to be black.

Step 2

Outline the pinkie with a black striper.

Step 3

With the same striper, create a triangle-shaped form on your pointer and fill it out.

Step 4

Use your dotting tool and place dots on your middle finger.

Step 5

Use a golden polish and place a golden arrow on the top of your nail.

Step 6

Finally, swipe a glitter polish over your thumb.

black white


Pretty easy, huh?

See you next week beauties.

Yours truly,



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