Hey Beauties.

Some of you might already know that  I’ve spent the past weekend in London to run some personal errands. But the shopping was not neglected at all, which is why I wanted to grab this opportunity and show you some of the things I bought while I was over the ocean.

Today’s post is going to be all about my Lush bits and bobs. I know, we do have Lush Cosmetics in Germany but the thing is, Lush is much less expensive over in London, what might justify the amount of products I purchased.

Let’s get right on to the haul.

lush masken

 I predominately focussed on face masks this time because they’re supposed to be magnificent.

lush masken 6

The first thing I bought was the notorious Cupcake Mask, which is supposed to be perfect for oily and troubled skin. You have to use it up within 3 weeks as well as store it in the refrigerator because it’s one of the “fresh” masks.

lush masken 2

 Another one of those is Cosmetic Warrior. Cosmetic Warrior is amazing in combatting zits and the “special time of the month” when your skin is acting out like nobody’s business.

lush masken 3

 The third and last mask of the day is called the Mask of Magnaminty and sadly but true, I just bought it because it smells like peppermint hot chocolate.

Next thing I bought was a Face Cleanser called Angels of Bare Skin. A cleanser should be used daily to get rid of all the dirt and germs of the day. It smells a little bit funky (I think it’s because of the garlic) but it makes your skin glow like nothing else. 

lush masken 4

 Of course, my hair can’ t be neglected either. For this reason, I bought the Hair Doctor which is a hair mask made to treat dry scalp skin. 

lush masken 5

My favorite body peeling Rub, Rub, Rub was on my shopping list as well. I love the smell and I love the fact that it leaves your skin so smooth after the application, the beautiful fragance still lingering on your complexion.


I hope this post can be a small guide through the maze of cosmetic goodness Lush has to offer. That’s it for today,

see you on Manicure Monday!

Lana Hoang

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