Molly Bracken is the fashionista in the box. The brand was born in 2008 after the discovery of an old box full of sepia pictures which were taken in the 1920’s, representing a young Irish girl named Molly. She was a young and passionate activist. With her extreme femininity and her strong character, Molly has become an eternal source of inspiration today. For her grandson, Julian Sidonio, Molly has been a life changer. With the aid of his wife, he launched Molly Bracken and is still determined to bring the retro look back in style.

Mini Molly is the so called kid’s paradise at Molly Bracken. Who is Mini Molly, you ask. Well, Mini Molly is playful, girly and brave. She likes to sport peter pan collars and princess dresses. She can also be a beautiful ballerina in pink and coral tutus. Boys and girls, let me tell you, when I look at those dresses and outfits, MY inner Molly wants to come out and play. You can be whoever you want to be and that’s the beauty of true fashion.

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