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terry for vogue


Terry Richardson is a fashion photographer who is probably known in the entire world. His works adorn world-famous magazines such as Bazaar and the Vogue, which makes him a crucial part of the fashion world. Terry Richardson didn’t become famous due to the beauty of his photos, but for the fact that they are more than just scandalous. His first success which of course made him the topic of many conversations throughout the entire fashion industry was a photo shooting for the fashion label Sisley. The result was a gallery marked a sexual and obscene touch.

This special attribute is what defines his photos to this day. After all, “sex sells” made him a legend. In the end, all the accusations by models of being pushed to do nudes and of sexual harassment made him even more famous. Furthermore, the vulgar and infamous aura of his photos became more authentic. Terry Richardson is the parade example of the motto “Sex sells”.  For this reason, some might consider his works disgusting and offensive.

Nonetheless, many celebrities love being in front of his camera, without or sometimes with Terry Richardson himself. In his online diary, he practically publishes photos every day: photos taken in his studio or on the street. Very humorous photos show who is visiting him in his studio for instance. Of course, among the guests there are many names you all know –be it Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Sarah Jessica Parker or Woody Allen. Since Woody Allen isn’t a person to show himself in his Adam’s costume, you can assume that you don’t have to crazy or naked to become Terry’s photo subject.

Terry Richardson indeed is a real scandal photographer. He is accused of being a sexual molester, his photos are called soft pornos and yet he is still there, more successful than ever before. Bad publicity in the doesn’t exist. Sex does sell.

Copyright and Source: www.terrysdiary.com, Vogue Paris as well as Turkey