nasty gal haul

Hey Beauties,


Today’s post is going to be a fashion related post to spice things up a little. You may or may not remember but I did some serious damage on my bank account on Black Friday especially at Nasty Gal. I’ve been waiting for a whole year for a Sale at this marvellous shop. The prices are so cruel but they do have incredible stuff in stock. I’ve never had the courage to full on splurge on their collections especially if you consider the shipping costs of 12€ plus taxes.

But on the Friday after Thanksgiving I surrendered and bought 4 incredible pieces. See for yourselves.

Moto Zip Crop Jacket
nasty gal haul 2

It’s a short fake leather jacket and I’ve been eyeing this sucker for over a year now. I love everything about it, from the length to the cheeky details: small zippers and a belt.

Bueller Shades
nasty gal haul 3


This little piece of style had to be bought, guys. Believe me, I couldn’t resist. I think this bad boy will be my best friend whilst hiking through Vietnam in summer 2014.

Time of your life Bodysuit
nasty gal haul 4


The third piece is a shoulder free bodysuit with suede details. Bodysuits can be so freaking annoying, believe me, I know. They are especially annoying when it comes to that time of the day when you have to visit the little girl’s room but they look so sleek!

Savage Heart Backpack
nasty gal haul 5
nasty gal haul 6

Let me walk you through the process: I was just about to check out when I caught a glimpse of this little beauty here. It’s a backpack with a small lion head up front. I really love the fact that backpacks are so comfortable in every situation of your life. The cherry on top? This one looks amazeballs! How about this incredible pattern on the inside of the bag? Pure love, little guy, pure love.


I hope you had fun looking through my stash.
Yours truly, 
Lana Hoang