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Hey Beauties,

just as promised here’s my Mini-Haul from last week’s shopping spree through MAC. You may or may not have gathered that I am a little bit fangirling whenever it comes to MAC. Especially when it centers around Limited Edition Collections.

The third and last collection in collaboration with Rihanna has been released and is now available worldwide on all MAC Counters, MAC Pro Stores and online.

I really lucked out and had the opportunity to get my hands on 2 of the 3 lipsticks of this winter’s collection. If you followed the whole promotion and anticipation in the last few weeks you may know that it was extremely hard to even get a glimpse on Pleasure bomb which is why I am writing this post for you.

I bought the Nude one, Bad Girl Rihanna and the Fuchsia one going by the name Pleasure Bomb. Both of them have a matte finish and are just surpreme. And no, it’s not the hype talking. I really am a big fan of the colors and the finish.

Pleasure Bomb is really out there and a little bit light on me. I have loads and loads of fuchsia and pink lipsticks but none of them look anything like Pleasure Bomb. It’s extremely unique just because of its finish. I am sure that it will catch a lot of glimpses but I am not sure whether I am brave enough to wear this one on a daily basis. Let’s see, shall we? 😉

Bad Girl RiRi is the second Nude Rihanna has published. The Fall Collection incorporated one but I didn’t like how greyish it looked on me. This one looks entirely different. It is slightly darker and I can imagine it looking really good on someone with a darker skintone. I can’t wait to get tanned because I really think it will look surblime once I’m darker. Right in the moment I am a little bit too light for this one but it still has a pretty hue on it so it won’t just be sitting in my room all day.

Did you have any luck with this Holiday Collection?

How do you like your purchases?

Yours truly,

Lana Hoang

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