Scarification is also called scar tattooing. This activity gets divided into two categories: Branding and cutting.

Cutting is about placing specific cuts onto the skin or the removal of skin stripes to create so-called ornamental scars. This process is a very bloody and especially painful procedure, performed with a scalpel. First, the outlines are drawn onto the skin just like a tattoo, afterwards they are cut along and the upper skin layers between are removed.

Branding gets professionally performed with a so-called electrocautery (a kind of a small soldering iron). Again the outlines are drawn onto the skin first then traced with the electrocautery. This method is by far less bloody than cutting but I hardly doubt that it’s also less painful.

Well, personally I would never do scarifications to “decorate“ my body. Indeed I love tattoos but I think scarification pretty much crosses the border. And by the way I am really afraid of blood…

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