It is currently a trend in Japan and now gets carried to Europe: bagel heads.

Indeed it’s a temporary form of body modification although I think this party gag is more than questionable. Saline solution is injected into the forehead, which leads to the formation of a soft bump under the skin which is shapeable into a donut by practicing little pressure with the fingers. Also there is the alternative of two little bumps above the eyebrows, which kind of reminds of little devil’s horns.

The bagel head (also called donut head) was introduced in Japan in 1999 at a convention for body modification for the first time. In 2010 this trend spread in the party scene of Tokyo.

After ten hours the body should have absorbed the saline solution and no deformations should be visible anymore. Also this modification is said to cause no health damage. But still, this should not be taken lightly. And to be honest: Who the hell thinks a literal donut head is attractive?

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