Hello my fellow beauty lovers,

I’m back with a brand new series in the beauty department on Readthetrieb.com. HOT or NOT won’t be focussing on regular product reviews. I want it to be much shorter and succinct. Each week I will chose one product randomly and tell you whether or not I liked the performance of the product and whether or not I would purchase it again. I will try to make it as interesting as possible by constantly mixing things up. The product will range from High – End to Drugstore products.

Today’s very first product will be, surprise, surprise a lipstick. Or better yet 4 lipsticks. You may or may not know about my slight obsession over MAC and their Limited Collections. The past 3 instalments in collaboration with mega star Rihanna held me captive. I managed to snatch 4 lipsticks out of 7 I believe.


Hot or Not 1

HEAUX (retro matte)

hot or not 2

RiRi WOO (retro matte)

hot or not 3

BAD GIRL RiRi (matte)

hot or not 4



Looking back at the time I know that the lipsticks were the most hyped products out of all 3 collections. They were almost every time sold out within minutes. You could say that the hype, the fact that the colours were limited editons and the urge to own something that not everybody has had a huge impact on many girls worldwide including myself.

I for one only used Heaux on a regular basis though RiRi Woo and Pleasure Bomb are magnificent but they are simply too bright to wear on an everyday basis. Bad Girl RiRi is an amazing taupey nude but slightly too dark for my complexion right now.

Though I don’t regret any of my purchases I would say that those lipsticks are not must haves. I really love the retro matte texture but by the looks of it MAC is coming out with numerous lip colours with exactly this finish so don’t worry.

In conclusion I would say that it is a HOT for me because I am freaking in love with the finish and with one lipstick in particular. I would definitely repurchase Heaux, the colour is insane and my absolute holy grail. As for the other colours, there are great dupes out there which are permanent, don’t go spend a huge amount of money on ebay just to own a limited lipstick just for the sake of the colour!

See you next week!

Yours truly,

Lana Hoang

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