The big men are not the only ones who get fully provided by Hugo Boss – but also the small men.

Oh, they’re growing up so fast. With Hugo Boss, the little boy becomes a little lady killer. Just like the men’s collection, Hugo Boss does not need too many colors. However, fiery red and luscious blue are not to be left out! The boy looks as if he has style flowing through his veins – or in his wardrobe. The dark jackets are of course worn with a raised collar, along with this a checkered shirt or a blue one with a white collar – and no one shall dare to ever pinch your cheeks again.

For this you should rather go to the boy with the red pants, a grey jacket, a grey quilted vest, a scarf and a hat. His shining smile literally is begging you to do that. However, his style is made for the young man and not for the innocent boy.

The Kids-Collection by Hugo Boss is not as cute, as grown-ups that are full of feelings might want it to be, but it is more serious – this finally gives children the chance, not to be considered children on the first look anymore.

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Hugo Boss, for men & women – Hugo Collection FW 2013

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