Lesley Hornby, known as Twiggy became a real icon during the 1960s. She received this name because of her then very skinny, androgynous body. Thanks to it she also introduced a new trend.

Today, I prepared a makeup tutorial inspired by our singer, actress and photo model.

twiggy 1

twiggy 2

twiggy 3

twiggy 4

twiggy 5

Next, draw a thin line on your upper lid with an eyeliner. Use a white eyeliner for the lower waterline. Then apply on false lashes as near as possible to the upper lashline and use a curler if you need to form your real lashes.

twiggy 6

twiggy 7

Now finish with some blush and bronzer. Draw your lips with a nude or light pink lipstick.

twiggy 8

Here’s your Twiggy inspired look!

twiggy 9

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