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Hello my lovelies, 

Today, I’d like to present you my favourite eye liner pencil. I’ve already tried so many of them and somehow gave up on them. I was always looking for one that draws nice lines, is longlasting and gives bold colours. However, I couldn’t find MY perfect eye liner pencil.

Finally, I came across Milani’s Liquid Eye Liner Pencil.
I chose number 01 in Black. This one is an automatic liner which doesn’t require sharpening. The pencil is very thin and easy to handle. On the packaging it says that it’s waterproof and smudge-proof.

When I tried it out, I got really impressed. The texture is so smooth and the colour is so bold – a deep, deep black. I applied it on my hands and tried to smudge with my fingers, also using water but the colour kept staying perfectly on my skin! This is what I’m looking for when I want to wear liner on my inner lids.

Normally, everything smudges after just some seconds. Either I, then, look like a panda or the whole product is gone and I need to re-apply it. But with Milani’s liner, I didn’t need to. However, there is a little, just a little bad remark about that pencil. Since it is an automatic pencil, I wonder how you can keep it sharp. So, it might be a little annoying if you want to draw fine lines.

I bought this beauty for only about $ 6,99 at CHERRY CULTURE!

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