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Hey Guys,

I recently posted a blog post about all of the free samples Douglas is giving out at the moment. It must be the time of the year where a girl buys one product and gets 9 (!) for free. If she’s savvy enough to use coupons. But that’s why I am here.

I’m going to post you detailed picture about my Mini – Haul and I will tell you how to get all of those delicious little goodies.

tip tuesday douglas 1


First of all, that’s what I actually bought. I treated myself  to a brand new moisturizer for the cold months and so far I’ve been all over it.

With it came the first 2 (or technically 5) gifts.


tip tuesday douglas 2

1x Mini Moisturizer by Clinique

tip tuesday douglas 3

And now on to the more interesting part: The other goodies!

Whenever you spend more than 39 bucks (and let’s be honest, that’s way too easy for us girls) you can opt for some fabulous luxury sized samples just by using codes!

1#        Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Face Peeling (13 g)

tip tuesday douglas 4

#2       2x Perfume Samples (Juicy Couture; Giorgio Armani)

tip tuesday douglas 5

#3       Zegna Uomo Shower Gel (50 ml)

tip tuesday douglas 6

#4       Bamboo Dry Shampoo (40 ml)

tip tuesday douglas 7

#5       Rituals Blue Dragon Showering Foam (50 ml)

tip tuesday douglas 8

#6       Narciso Rodriguez For Her Body Lotion (75 ml)

tip tuesday douglas 9



tip tuesday douglas 11

See you next time, 

eure Lana

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