She doesn’t give a fuck, not three, not two, but zero fucks.

Frayed, short jeans with rhinestones, wedge shoes, a provocative and vulgar T-shirt with a naked Kate Moss on it and a leather jacket in the wet look with a massive skull made of rhinestones on the back, this is what she is wearing, when heading out into the night to dive into the Berlin club scene.

The obligatory pack of cigarettes which is hanging from the pants pockets, always within easy reach. Cash money which wasn’t spent last night, was stuffed into the jacket pockets, ready to hand as well. After all, the next “Späti” will definitely be on her way to the night club.

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What about a bag? According to her, bags are unnecessary: Chances are high that you leave your bag somewhere and never find it again.
Her complexion is slightly tanned; she put on way too dark make up around her eyes. But she didn’t smudge her makeup, no smoky eyes.
She only uses lip gloss in different colors, but no lipstick because half of the lipstick would stick to the bottle anyway. After 12 hours of clubbing, the lipstick will dry out or be gone.
Jewelry is a must. A lot of jewelry is essential! But no jewelry is a no-go to her, an outfit without jewelry is just too clean.
When it comes to her mane, she doesn’t really care what it looks like. Her hair is wild and sexy, harmonizing perfectly with her blood red finger nails.

How do I apply the makeup?

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  1. As a base, a relatively oily cream has to be put on for those who have a combination skin. This cream can be bought at the pharmacy.
  2. The foundation has to be applied with a brush, very thickly. But the eye lids are left out. In this way, eye makeup will last longer and doesn’t get smeared.
  3. After that, you should apply brownish rouge underneath your cheekbones and the temples, while underlining the chin area as well with the rouge. The rouge helps you making the face more sculptural and more vivid. Then, powder your face.
  4. With liquid, black eyeliner, you can draw lines along your eyelid. However, the lines have to be longer than the actual eyelid.
  5. Apply black eye shadow above your eyes thickly. The entire lid area can be covered with eye shadow. Don’t hesitate to apply the makeup widely above your eyes.
  6. With a broad brush, you have to smudge the black eye shadow at the outer parts, pushing your finger slightly outward.
  7. Apply the mascara.
  8. Now put on copper-colored rouge and apply lip gloss.

Image Copyright: Readthetrieb