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Today, we have a summery, colorful makeup tip for you, matching an exotic and colorful maxi dress by Desigual. Our exotic chica Florina and our makeup artist will show you how this look can be achieved. 10 easy tips for doing this makeup yourself await you:

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1. As a base an oily cream has to be used by those who have a combination skin. Buy a cream for combination skin at your pharmacy.

2. CCC, color corrector cream against skin redness

3. Apply a foundation with a brush thickly. Eyes should be left out. In this way, the eye makeup will last longer and won’t smudge.

4. Apply powder.

5. Apply darker brownish rouge under the cheekbones, the temples and the chin region to emphasize the most important facial features. This makes the face vivid. Afterwards, apply powder again.

6. Brighten up your eyelids with a bright eye shadow in order to make the final color shine brighter above a more neutral background. Shade the lids with the color green and form the so-called “banana” which is the natural curves of the eyeball. Draw a lid line with the green eye shadow.

7. Retrace the lid lines with a black liquid eyeliner. Catlike eyes are created, if you draw the line 2mm longer than the actual lid.

8. Put on mascara.

9. Trace the eyebrows, decrease the distance between the outer part of the eyebrows and the outer part of the lid lines.

10. Orange rouge makes the face more vivid. Apply a nude lip gloss or a light rose lip gloss in the end.

The hair is curled by a flat iron, go through your waves with your fingers and put single hair streaks into snails. In this way, the hair styling receives a summery beach look. You will look more carefree, more laid-back. This look really goes well with a colorful dress on a hot summer day.

In addition, Florina wears a bright, crème-colored nail polish.

Image Copyright: Readthetrieb