First of all, just because he calls himself Väike svastika doesn’t mean he’s a right wing extremist. The Swastika is a holy symbol in a lot of religious beliefs but that’s something I’m sure most of you know already. Little Swastika can be described as a rather unconventional artist, even in the wild and boisterous tattoo scene. The artist, who lives in Tengen, Germany began his journey by inflicting little scars on his skin to create his very first tattoos. But they always healed up and his mother wasn’t exactly keen to see her boy hurting himself.

At the age of 14 he had his very first tattoo done on his calf – do-it-yourself-style. Unfortunately it didn’t last, so he tried and tried until he succeeded. But because the tattoo was done by hand, it didn’t look exactly how he imagined it, so he built himself a tattoo machine that partly consisted of Lego bricks. With his first paycheck, the then 18-year-old Little Swastika bought a tattoo starter kit and began his career. He started off by doing them on himself, later on friends and finally on customers.

His recent art works don’t display many colors and often cover big areas like the whole back or even a multitude backs belonging to different people. In the right order you can see a gigantic group tattoo. Absolutely crazy. His art can range from abstract pieces to new school and even geometric forms. Sometimes whole body parts are being inked. Since his little DIY project at home, he assembled a whole collection of tattoo machines in his studio, which look fantastic due to the skeleton look. And yes, if you lay your eyes on him, you’ll instantly know his dedication and passion for this type of body art. Blackened eyeballs, huge plugs and a skin covered with tattoos.

Saksamaal Tengenis asuva Väikese haakristi praeguseid teoseid hoitakse sageli mõnes valitud värvitoonis ja need hõlmavad tavaliselt suuri alasid, näiteks erinevate inimeste kogu selga või isegi mitut selga, mis koos rivistades annavad hiiglasliku grupitätoveeringu! Hullumeelne. Tema teosed ulatuvad abstraktsest kunstist kuni uue kooli ja geomeetriliste kujunditeni. Sageli mustavad ka terved kehaosad ... Nüüd kannab ta oma kollektsiooni tattoo masinad avaldatud, mis näevad tõesti rohkem kui lahedad välja. Sest neil on luustik. Ja jah, teda nähes teate, et ta on oma kehakunstist 100% taga. Mustad silmad, taldriku suurused pistikud ja tätoveeringud kogu kehas!

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