Underwear is one thing, but fantastic lingerie is another entirely. This year, prepare to be mesmerised by the sheer range of colours offered by lingerie fashion! We’re leaving behind nude and black, and making our way towards thrilling neon creations. On one team, we have the classics – black and white – and on the other, we have pink, orange and yellow. Colour blocking looks to be the latest thing of the season, but which trend do you think is better?

Not only is black timeless, it’s also sexy and seductive. It’s enjoyed great popularity when it comes to underwear, and works with all kinds of materials, from vinyl to leather. While this dark shade embodies the role of sensuality, white is responsible for an innocent look. Harsh black standing directly opposite soft white – talk about a simply fascinating combination of contrasts! This is sure to ensure tension, which is always a good thing when it comes to lingerie!

However, we shouldn’t forget about the neon trend. Instead of looking plain, restrained or shy, this look is all about being loud, extroverted, playful and modern. It’s time for the wearer to show off her fashionable side, and prove that there’s also a place for colours in the bedroom!

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