Azede Jean-Pierre’s eponymous label strikes out with thrilling fashion for women. The fashion is wearable and designed very artfully. These designs are based on true talent and passion and also a big portion of creativeness. The designer transforms a plain basic piece into something very special.

This New York-based designer doesn’t offer boring creations. His collection consists of only black and white, which are combined in a thrilling way. Thrilling patterns, different materials or unusual details define this unique collection. A curvy-shaped skirt is worn with an oversized fur coat.

The designers like to show curved, rounded shapes, even on jackets or blazers. White and black are combined skillfully and complete each other perfectly. The contrast between the colors transforms the fashion into a highlight on the streets. Some jackets are designed with a deep slit on the back. Different patterns are created on a pair of pants and a top that are made of leather by using engravings.

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