It is well known that the rapper Tupac Shakur, who died in 1996 deceased, liked to write about sex and Thug Life in his lyrics. But what was he like in private? The online auction house Goldin Auctions unravels the secret and is auctioning off numerous items from the rapper’s possession. The most exciting piece, however, is a unique and rather hot and steamy love letter that 2Pac is said to have written during his stay at Clinton Correctional Prison in 1995. Signed and authenticated by the legendary rapper, this letter provides a detailed description of the sexual practices he intends to perform with his beloved. The identity of the recipient is unknown. However, it is obvious that it is the answer to “the passionate letter of a lover”, as the description of the auction house reads. For example, it states: “Do you know what a nigga could do with a cucumber, baby oil and a full pack of condoms?” Goldin Auctions expects to auction the written message for at least $25,000.