Don`t we all dream of it? To fly once to New York, to feel the feeling of the city, to look up and be surrounded by skyscrapers? In a place where Sex and the City or Gossip Girl was filmed? For me this dream becomes reality. The day of the 15.1. it happens, we take you on a one month long trip to exciting New York. Instagram

But first of all, let’s start from the beginning, who is actually us? My name is Anne, I am 24 and have been running the online marketing for Fashionact Industries for several months. In Berlin I like to be called Coco because I am under the pseudonym “Cocoink” also a private blogger and I show my life onInstagram as well. Anyone who regularly follows our magazine will also have come across a few articles from me. But actually, I am rather the girl for everything: I take care of our social media channels, work closely with our advertising partners and look after the marketing.

I always say nothing in life happens by chance. Every encounter, every defeat, all that happens in our lives is destiny. And so I met my boss, Fashion Franky, spontaneously in a cafe and three days later signed the contract for my dream job!

Frank is known all over Berlin for his fashion and modem magazine and is therefore called by all “Fashion Franky”. Together we are flying to New York next week and live in hip Manhattan. Of course, we would not want to deprive you of the exclusive insights, in the most beautiful corners of the fashion metropole, and take you live on our journey. The coolest bars, the dirtiest techno clubs, fine restaurants, the craziest vintage shops and, of course, the best designers of Fashion Week, will be seen and wrote about for you at

In my fantasies in New York everyone is walking around with a huge Starbucks mug, a cell phone in the left, a mobile phone in the right, running through the crowded streets. There are yellow taxis at every corner. The city is frantic, loud and anonymous, no face you see twice and yet you feel immediately “home”. On top of my wish list is definitely a visit to the Museum of Modern Art!

But first of all there are still some organizational things to clarify: What do I really need for New York? How many shoes do I pack? Is a suitcase enough for 5 weeks? Where to find cheap flights? All questions will be clarified in my next post.

Do you have tips, insiders and places that I must have seen in any case?

Then write us in the comments!