Lorelai und Rory (Quelle: Facebook Gilmore GIrls)
(Lorelai and Rory [Source: Facebook Gilmore Girls])

If you think about an incomparable relationship between a mother and her daughter, it’s almost impossible not to stumble across “Gilmore Girls”.
Fans have desperately been missing Rory and Lorelai since they last appeared on the seventh and – at this time – final season in 2007. But now they’re returning for a small Season 8!

The revival will be called “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” and consists of four episodes, which will be available on Netflix. Nine years after the “final” seventh season, the world of Rory (Alexis Bledel) and her daughter Lorelai (Lauren Graham) has turned upside down, but many things stayed the same nonetheless.
The plot is still centered around the town of Stars Hollow: Lorelai still runs her own hotel, Dragon Fly Inn, while she’s in a relationship with Luke, the owner of the well-known diner. On the other hand, Rory is yet roaming around on her own as a journalist, traveling the world. Only after the death of her grandfather, she decides to return to her home town, in order to support her mother and grandmother (Kelly Bishop) in those difficult times.

Fans have finally been able to enjoy the new 90-minute episodes since the 25th of November. Every episode’s plot takes place in another season of the year, which explains the title “A Year In The Life”. Additionally, you can look forward to see guest appearances from Kirk (Sean Gunn), Logan (Matt Czuchry), Jess (Milo Ventimiglia), Dean (Jared Padalecki), Lane (Keiko Agena), Paris (Liza Weil), Michel (Yanic Truesdale), and Sookie (Melissa McCarthy).