dkny-designer(Maxwell Osborne [left] and Dao-Yi Chow [right] / Source: DKNY)

What used to be breaking news, is now daily routine. It’s nothing new that designers stop working with labels. Therefore, nobody was really shocked when it was released that Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow will leave the New Yorker Label DKNY. But in addition, CEO, Caroline Brown quits as well – and that is definitely something rare.
The scenario of many key figures collectively leaving a company only happened twice up until now. In 2004, when Tom Ford and Domenico Del Sole left Gucci. And in 2014, when the same company laid off designer Frida Giannini and Patrizio di Marco.

So after less than two years, two designers quit, even though the company has successfully streamlined itself during Summer season of 2016.
Their collections became more sporty, more dynamic, younger, and reminisces about the streetwear of Hip Hop. Everything worked well – so why quit?

The official statement of the designer duo was rather hazy and affectedly polite. After introducing new strategies in fields like Design and Sales to the company, both of them decided to put more focus on their own label “Public School”.
Another reason might be that DKNY, being part of LVMH-Group, was sold to the G-III-Group, which is also home to fashion label Ivanka Trump.

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