His charisma, his politics and him not being Donald Trump – all those things will make some parts of the world miss Barack Obama. He did not yet announce any planes for after his presidency, but still being very young in terms of US presidents, he will probably be around for a while.

He did however not get to play himself in his very own movie by Netflix – yet. The ambitious Biopic “Barry” portrays a young Barack Obama during his academic studies, starting in 1981, during which racially charged riots were common. The viewer gets to know a different Obama – not the confident speaker, but a young black man, that smokes cigarettes and gets into brawls. He is also the only African American in four of his five university classes.

The motion picture tries to show the buildup of political ideas and personal beliefs in the first black president in US history. The director Vikram Gandhi (working on “Vice” on HBO as well) got actor newcomer Devon Terell to play Obama growing into what he would become: Practicing rhetoric, learning to write with your left hand (which was rarely taught or accepted in school) and of course how to play basketball.

However the world will look like on the 20th of January next year – if you need your fix of Obama nostalgia, you are likely to find it here.