Let’s face it, festivals aren’t the most clean places to go to. Spending a whole summer weekend raving on a field, things may get a little bit messy… Sometimes the sun is burning like there’s no tomorrow and sometimes heavy rain makes the festival area turn into an endless mud puddle. When you want to take a shower, the queue seems to be longer than the one in front of Berghain and going to the dixie toilettes can be torture, there’s no other way to put this.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be that way. By following these tricks you can enjoy your festival without losing track of your hygiene.

1. Beside the usual cosmetics like your toothbrush, deodorant and so on (take the travel size items to safe place in your backpack!) you should take some wet wipes with you as well. They are perfect for a quick surficial wash which can be extremely refreshing.

2. Timing is gold. If you want to take a shower, try going at night. Okay, it can get really cold by then but you gotta do what you gotta do to avoid the queue. For using the dixie, it’s best to go in the morning. The toilettes get cleaned everyday mostly around nine am. You just have to check if the big tank is standing in front of the toilettes, when the truck is leaving, you’re good to go.

3. Never, never, never forget to bring toilette paper and a disinfectant stray. You can’t wash your hands properly at a festival so keep in mind to take your disinfectant with you.

4. One last tip for everyone who likes to cook at the camping area- you gonna need some dish liquid. Please do mother nature a favor and use the eco friendly ones!