Michelle Phan is the most successful beauty guru on youtube. Since 2007 she has published more than 300 videos, gaining a fanbase of over 7.5 million subscribers and a total of more than 1 billion clicks on her videos, which makes her one of the most viewed YouTubers all time. In August 2013, she finally founded their very own beauty brand called EM Cosmetics.

With the slogan ‘A reflection of me’, the brand focuses on creating the best version of yourself. The products show the trademark of Michelle Phan: The playful but also minimalistic design of the packaging simply adapts to the style of the blogger perfectly, incarnating her passion for makeup.

New products such as the ‘chiaroscuro’ Highlight & Contour Stick belong, among others, to the best selling products because they are designed for easy and fast application that will make it possible even for beginners to do their makeup like a pro.

Another bestseller are the unique eye shadow palettes, which are sold in a variety of color combinations and are therefore perfectly suited for travelling at the same time. The online shop is a paradise for makeup beginners because the products are easy to use and are already put together correctly for everyone.

If you are interested in trying out her hyped products, go to the official EM cosmetics website www.emcosmetics.com.

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