It’s getting warmer and many of us are retrieving their colorful clothes out of their closets for spring and summer. Aside from the fashion scene, there are also a lot of new beauty products perfect for this season. Lancôme Paris presents its new makeup innovation: the Juicy Shaker lip gloss!

Cosmetic enthusiasts love trying out the latest trends, so this product should be definitely checked out if you are a fan of lippies and beautiful floral colors. We all know that struggle with lipsticks. They can be pretty hard to apply evenly sometimes and a lot of them also leave your lips extremely dry. And regular glosses? They can be utterly sticky and smeary – not optimal for a hot and sweaty summer.

Lancôme’s Juicy Shaker, however, should be actually called a lip oil with a slight rosy tint in 13 different fruity, floral shades. You just need to shake the bottle. The more you shake, the stronger the color gets. Apply the product with the integrated cushion applicator and there you go. The formula will nourish your lips without being sticky and keep them soft. By the way, who can even resist those yummy names such as “Cherry Symphony”, “Wonder Melon” or “Freedom of Peach”?

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