If you have paid attention to the past seasons’ streetstyles at the Fashion Week, you would surely have noticed a large amount of the current hypeed streetstyle labels. Russian label Gosha Rubchinskiy is one of the general favorites of international fashionistas. Especially at the Russian Fashion Week, one could notice a lot of the outstanding logo prints in Cyrillic, which mainly define the designer’s aesthetics.

His current collection for the summer season is full of pieces that have quickly become a cult in the streetwear community. All in all, the look is pretty much inspired by the training uniforms during the Soviet era. Aside from white and blue, red also plays an important role, creating the Russian flag. The red color also reminds of the communism and is partly embellished by the hammer and sickle. This line is kind of self-ironic and nonchalant. It’s perfect for the urban, modern style!

More Information: gosharubchinskiy.com