Danielle Romeril

Lá fhéile Pádraig Sona dhuit! Ireland is celebrating its world famous national day: St. Patrick’s Day, when everything and everyone shines in a sea of 40 Shades of green and doesn’t shy away from alcoholic indulgence. The opposite is even required. Fortunately, Irish fashion is anything but green. Instead, top Irish fashion labels impress with sophistication, worldliness, avant-gardism and charm. They stir up the world’s Fashion Weeks and prove that Dublin and Belfast have the potential to become European hubs of fashion. From breathtaking womenswear to impressive menswear – Ireland’s fashion elite is generous with its fashionable expertise for the latest trends.

In honor of the Irish national day, we’re presenting our five favorite Irish fashion designers, from whom we can expect a lot of great things in the future. Therefore, we give you a visual insight into the latest 2016 collections of the brilliant Irish designers.

Simone Rocha

Paul Costelloe

Natalie B. Coleman

Danielle Romeril

Emma Manley