Some fairly superficial celebrities and wealthy couples seem to be on cloud nine as soon as they get children, which is basically a good thing. However, it seems that those wealthy and fashion-loving parents define parenthood a little differently than us mortals do. Sometimes, it seems that having a child means having a brand-new fashion accessory or fashion doll that you can dress up in hip and stylish children’s clothing. Agreed, little children in cute clothes look super cute.

But there is definitely no need to take it over the top because the main aspect about raising a child is giving them love and teaching them valuable virtues and values to make sure that they will become incredible, empathetic and loving human beings, at least from my point of view. The cute children’s clothing should be a nice extra of being a parent. Children certainly don’t need expensive designer clothing by Bugatti or Armani. And they shouldn’t grow up thinking that their wardrobe should only consist of clothing by YSL, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Just like pets, children should not be treated as mere fashion accessories. Four-year-old girls shouldn’t wear shoes with heels and makeup. Yes, I’m looking at you, Katie Holmes. Your daughter Suri is no fashion doll. She shouldn’t grow up believing that life is only about looks.

Another highly controversial example may be Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s daughter North West who already has a personal tailor and stylist although she is only 2.

I am sure that for many, dressing their children in super stylish and expensive clothing is just another way of showing their love for their little darlings. But it definitely shouldn’t be the main aspect of raising a child.