The female population on this planet knows the following phenomenon way too well for their liking, I presume. Guys in polo shirts, wearing caps and spilling …original lines in clubs, shopping malls and in the streets, looking for attention and a new girlfriend. Their most important weapon in the game of love? Pick-up lines. Another beautiful specimen in the family of pick-up artists is probably the fedora-wielding neckbeard who tips his old-fashioned, stupid, looking hat whenever a lady crosses paths with him.

“You are hotter than the bottom of my laptop.”

“Of all your beautiful curves, your smile is my favourite.”

“Are you a vampire? Cause you looked a little thirsty when you looked at me.”

Where the hell do these guys get these cheesy pick-up lines in the first place? They watch Youtube Tutorials, read books and attend live performances of their bro-culture idols that market themselves as women-eating playboys. Some of these self-declared women experts are extremely dangerous, promoting a wrong image of women, making them appear minor and depicting them as willing prey. No wonder, the macho culture seems to be a growing issue lately. Many desperate men who suffer from a low self-esteem will sooner or later put their last hope in these women-hating machos that  make money by even giving entire courses and classes on how to pick up women. But if you ask me, the only person who can pull such a behavior off is Barney Stinson and he is not even real.

Having reached a modern age where women are regarded as independent, emancipated beings, we can all agree on one thing: Pick-up artists are, above all, embarrassing. You should definitely not spend your money on a dude who compares women with animals. If you are looking for a girlfriend, be nice, be gentle, learn to listen to her. Be brave and take the risk. Ask her out to avoid crashing into the friendzone. But most importantly, don’t listen to pick-up artists, if you want to win a woman’s heart.